Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This post goes out to Lil Wayne. So Lil Wayne, Happy father's day! As most hip-hop fans know, Lil Wayne already has 2 children and has 2 more on the way. By this time next year, Wayne will have twice as many children to celebrate this special day with. It must be especially difficult for him though, considering that each child is with a different woman. Just thought that I should take this opportunity to congratulate Lil Wayne and all other fathers out there.

Happy Father's Day


Friday, June 19, 2009

My Hip-Hop Influence

Yo.  So I just wanted to just speak on some of my hip-hop influence that inspired me to start this blog.  To start off, the first hip-hop cd I ever bought was the slim shady lp.  After that cd, I fell in love with hip-hop.  Eminem was white, which I can relate to, and I felt like he was speaking personally to me.  I think a lot of people kinda felt like that considering his album sales and popularity back then.  Since then A LOT has changed.  Eminem is no longer my favorite rapper.  Lil Wayne without a doubt is.  Eminem lost this title when he released Encore.  Now that was a shitty ass cd.  

Anyway, Eminem seems to be recovering with this latest cd, and that has two separate meanings. When I realized that Eminem was no longer the rapper I grew to love, I thought that hip-hop was going to be going down hill and fast.  It seemed that there was a huge drought of influential rappers and the few that were left (Jay and Nas) believed that hip-hop was dying out.  It feels like very little time has passed since Nas declared that hip-hop was dead, yet it feels like hip-hop is producing its best music in years.  Now I know that people may disagree, but there are many artists out now that I have a lot of faith in and that are currently making excellent music.

My favorite, as I said before, is Lil Wayne; however, he is not the only one.  Wayne continues to be at the top of his game.  He does seem to have leveled out, but I do not believe there has been any decline.  Wayne is still experimenting with different sounds in attempts to make the best music possible.  He comes out with new music daily, which is unbelievable and something that no other rapper does.  

Obviously though, one rapper cannot keep hip-hop afloat, although Wayne's effort is a valiant one.  The other rappers that, to me, are "saving hip-hop" are the ones that are young and inspired.  Examples of these rappers are, Drake, Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, Wale, and B.O.B.  All of those rappers have the potential to change hip-hop and are all still so young.  I saw B.O.B. at a concert a couple of months ago, and to say the least, he shocked me with his talent.  He can play the guitar, rap, sing, make beats, and create meaningful lyrics.  A true 5-tool artist...  Asher Roth actually raps about meaningful stuff when he's not singing about college (listen to his version of "A Milli").  Another reason that I feel that these rappers can really improve hip-hop, is that they all come from different parts of the country.  This is definitely an important aspect because they are all unique and will have different influences.  Also, it should be noted that some of them have older rappers as mentors.  Drake has Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi has Kanye West, and B.O.B. has outcast.  Each rapper is learning from the best in there respective region.

Like I have said before, I love hip-hop.  I am glad that there are rappers out there that are working hard and trying to learn.  The difference between these rappers and the rappers that caused Nas to claim that hip-hop is dead is that these rappers want to be great hip-hop artists and not JUST to make money.  

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First Post

Hi everyone...

This is my first post on the blog Hip Hop Now.  I created  the site because I love hip-hop and think that I have a unique view that people may be interested to read about.  There are many hip-hop blog sites out there that give links to new songs and report on events that happen in the hip-hop industry.  I will try to be different by giving my personal opinion on songs, concerts, and any other types of news that are related to hip-hop.  My intention is to discuss my thoughts, but who knows where this blog will go?  I hope that y'all enjoy.